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 TZAC :: server addon

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PostSubject: TZAC :: server addon    Mon Nov 07, 2011 4:20 pm

Download tzac_sv_addon_v017.zip and unzip
Shutdown ET server
In etpro folder, rename qagame.mp.i386.so (qagame_mp_x86.dll) to etpro_qagame.mp.i386.so (etpro_qagame_mp_x86.dll)
Upload qagame.mp.i386.so (qagame_mp_x86.dll) from the archive
Run server

Server cvars
ac_sv_minage - >if not 0, only players with guid age (in days) above set value are allowed to join this server
ac_sv_banage - > determines ban period for banned players in months after their account ban expired
-1 -> banned forever
0 - > 12 months
any value above 0 - > 12 + value
ac_sv_version - current TZAC server addon version
ac_sv_iplimit - limits maximum number of players from one ip, 0 means disabled
ac_sv_fixlmsspam - fixes possible LMS spam
ac_sv_hidden - if > 0, server won't show up in TZAC server list
ac_sv_blockqueries - if > 0, server won't reply to status queries (reduces DDOS risk)
ac_sv_autoupdate - if 1, auto update facility is enabled. TZAC server addon will update itself.

Server Commands
ac_sv_listplayers - lists information about connected players

Client Commands
ac_listplayers - list information about connected players ( ip is masked )

Lua extensions
TZAC calls callback tzac_Init when it is completely initialized.
Scripting monkeys can use function tzac_Import to load lua extensions from dll/so files.

foo = tzac_Import("bar.dll", "foo")

It returns nil on failure, on success it returns lua_CFunction prototype.This function is not available in et_Init callback. You should link your extensions against lua 5.0.3.

Linux ET 2.60b dedicated
Linux ETTV Beta 13
Linux ETTV Beta April 10 patched
Windows ET 2.60b dedicated
Windows ETTV Beta 13
Windows ETTV Beta April 10 patched

- -

ET Server addon
(Addon for Enemy Territory servers.)
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TZAC :: server addon
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